you are my inspiration


the gowers and exodus (bob marley)

Before knowing anything about this piece, we were instantly drawn to it; attracted to the colors and movement. When we found out that it was inspired by Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and read the lyrics: We know where we’re going, we know where were from, Move, Move, Move!, we realized this has to be ours. We are going through several big changes in our lives and embracing it all, growing from it all, as week keep moving forward. We love walking by your beautiful painting, it puts a smile on our faces every morning and every time we pass by it throughout the day. The best part is that it was painted by YOU, who is so dear to our family. Thank you a million times over. We love you and your work very much!


ron and underwater love (by smoke city)

“After the rain came the sun and after the sun came rain again“

This quote speaks volumes to my heart and soul. I’ve learned so much from the most kind and supportive individuals in my life . Through her artwork Monica has truly captured the essence of my journey. The sun is shining the rain is gone but when the rain comes back I’ll always know that there’ll be sun again!


maria and time (chris cornell)

Time is a Mage casting spells on our hearts. There is no reality in the minutes we count, only the illusion that time will run out...”Before We Disappear” is sort of a theme song because it brings to mind so many recalled minutes we’ve called memories.Thank you Muttonchops my Ginger, this painting fills more than a place on my wall, it fills our hearts.

Gerard and I will cherish this piece for as long as the thing called “time” will allow.

Chris said it best when he sang
~I know it feels like we will live forever
But I fear
That time will hide the years, like we were never here....William 💔

ellen and when we dance , as inspired by sting’s song

ellen and when we dance (sting)

This beautiful piece of art will be the centerpiece of my home as I start this new chapter of my life. Hope, feminism, independence, strength, and eventually, love with someone who loves me “more than life....night and day...who will try in every way.”  “Angels will run and hide their wings.”

The figures in it are liberated, free, and optimistic.
Thank you, Monica, it’s perfect and I love it!

gabby and hello again (dave matthews band)


Hello Again

so how have you been


When I was younger, when asked about my favorite color, I would reply emphatically, “It is red.” One recent moment, seemingly out of nowhere and passing over me in a flash, I knew that was not true. “Hello again,” it had always been green. 


Hello green April-spring, animal birth. Hello beginnings at the end of ends. Hello old friends, always new, dearest Monica.


the johnsons and simplicity

(as inspired by Chopin’s Nocturne No.2)

Bob and I are thrilled with our new piece of art. Monica did a fabulous job and did what I was looking for. I can’t walk away from it. We hope to work with her again.


titles of the three paintings in Dan’s home:

“Living” “Unpredictable” “Truth”

with these lyrics written on the back of each canvas:

“glad you’re alive”

“for what it’s worth, it was worth it all the while”

“the truth is stranger than all my dreams”

nina 2.jpg

nina and que calor (supermerka 2 song)

Every time I look at our new painting from you I feel happy and peaceful. Thank you so much for your gift to us.

We really love it.


lora & gary and best day

This painting was inspired by the song Thank You by Dido. It was the song that my husband and I listen to when we first met and life can get crazy but we’re always grateful and thankful for all that we have. So having this beautiful painting with that reminder on a daily basis (not just he and I reach other it’s also our family) makes this room complete

a painting is donated for auction annually to the Marfan Foundation's Heartworks Gala in honor of the life of Matthew Lederman

a painting is donated for auction annually to the Marfan Foundation's Heartworks Gala in honor of the life of Matthew Lederman